Scope of applicability

These GTCs apply in all relations between Cleverbinder and you, the "Customer" The Customer can be an individual as well as an organization/company or any other entity, which uses Cleverbinder services. The GTCs apply regardless of which media the Customer uses to gain acces to our services. The GTCs apply unless something else is explicitly agreed to in writing.


It is free of charge to create a Cleverbinder account.

The Cleverbinder Services are free for the customer.



Cleverbinder is entitled but not obligated to use the e-mail address/contact information provided by the Customer to provide notifications to the Customer, for example about new Stores offering Cleverbinder, updates regarding a product or a certificate, or changes in the GTC´s. The Customer hereby agrees that Cleverbinder can send legally binding information using the Customers contact information.

If you use Facebook to sign in or register an account at Cleverbinder. Note that we DO NOT post anything to your Facebook Timeline.

The Customer can contact Cleverbinder for support via e-mail in english. Cleverbinder strives to answer within 4 working days. 



The Customer is obligated to keep contact details, such as e-mail address and phone number, updated ensuring Cleverbinder´s ability to contact and support the Customer.

 Cleverbinder enables the Customer to view data from a store in which the Customer has made a purchase (such as warranty information, certificates etc.) regarding the Customer’s purchase. However, Cleverbinder does not store, nor does Cleverbinder have any knowledge of information of such data, as this data is kept by the store itself or its IT-partner as the case may be. Consequently, Cleverbinder cannot be held liable for any defects in such data.

Data uploaded by the Customer itself (i.e. not by a store) is kept by Cleverbinder free of charge. 
Cleverbinder only stores the Customer´s user data and data uploaded by the Customer itself. Cleverbinder does not store any sensitive personal information. The full terms of Privacy Policy can be viewed below.


If the Customer wishes to terminate its Cleverbinder account, the Customer shall contact Cleverbinder by e-mail: info(at) The e-mail must include customer user and the e-mail address used for the Customer´s Cleverbinder account.

Cleverbinder recommends the Customer to download a copy of the warranty certificates, uploads, etc. which the Customer wishes to keep before requesting a termination. Cleverbinder cannot be held responsible for losses suffered as a result of the Customer´s failure to make a copy his data. After termination, the Customer will be unable to download his warranty certificates, uploads etc. Cleverbinder strives to close the Customer´s account within 14 days after having received the notice of termination. Cleverbinder sends a confirmation to the specified email address when the account is terminated.

Cleverbinder may terminate the Customer's account with one year's notice for any reason.


Cleverbinder is entitled to terminate the Customer's account without notice if Cleverbinder becomes aware of or has substantiated suspicion that the Customer uses Cleverbinder's services inappropriately, is abusing it or otherwise damages Cleverbinder or third parties.

Limitation of liability

Cleverbinder is liable according to Danish law, subject to the limitations expressively provided by the following conditions.

Cleverbinder shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages however caused and under any theory of liability.

If Cleverbinder cannot meet an obligation to the Customer because of circumstances beyond Cleverbinder's control or prediction, Cleverbinder is not liable and is free from any claims and derivative requirements. Such circumstances include but are not limited to: Lightning strikes, weather conditions, fire, government regulations or other governmental regulations, labor disputes, and general failure to transport goods, energy and it infrastructure. Similarly, limitation of liability applies in relation to other kinds of force majeure.

Unless otherwise provided by mandatory law, Cleverbinder shall not be liable for errors, breakdowns, interruptions or similar due to other service providers e.g. providers of it-services to Stores.

It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that the warranty certificates uploaded by the Customer are readable so they can be used as proof in the event of a complaint or repair situation.

Cleverbinder does not and cannot guarantee that Stores and other entities, which are not Cleverbinder partners and which do not have an agreement with Cleverbinder will accept a print of a warranty certificate, which the Customer has uploaded to its account as sufficient evidence in relation to complaint and repair situations.

Cleverbinder shall not be liable for errors made by Stores, for example defects in transferred data.

A forementioned limitations of liability shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law and shall survive any termination or expiration of the GTCs.

Changes to the GTC

Cleverbinder may make changes to the GTCs from time to time. When changes are made, Cleverbinder will make the new copy of the GTCs availible on the Cleverbinder website and inform the users of the CleverBinder services pr. mail or in the app that the GTCs have been updated. The Customer´s continued use of Cleverbinder is seen as acceptance of the changed GTCs.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any dispute between Cleverbinder and the Customer including a dispute regarding the interpretation of these GTCs shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Danish law and at Cleverbinder's venue.


privacy policy


Contact responsible for Cleverbinder data

Customer´s responsibility for data

Remember that you are obliged to maintain correct customer data such as e-mail address and phone number so Cleverbinder can contact you and support you. 

It is your own responsibility to protect your password in order to prevent abuse of your account.

Access to data

You only have access to your stored data when logged in.

The Stores responsibility regarding data

Cleverbinder does not store, nor does Cleverbinder have any knowledge of information of such data, as this data is kept by the store itself or its IT-partner as the case may be. Consequently, Cleverbinder cannot be held liable for any defects in such data. The Store is responsible that the sent data is accurate, valid and sufficient for complaint purposes.

Types of data

We collect two different types of data. Personal data and anonymous data. 

Personal data

 Is defined as data which you can be identified by such as e-mail address, name or phone number. You provide us with this data when using Cleverbinder services. Personal data is stored with the sole purpose of providing the requested service and is not passed on/sold to third parties without your explicit consent.

You can always contact Cleverbinder to find out what data we have about you. You also have the right to have this data corrected or deleted.


Anonymous data 

Is defined as data which cannot directly identify you as a person. For example which browser you use to visit our website, time for your visit, use of services etc. This type of information is collected by Google Analytics among other statistic tools.

The purpose of the anonymous data is internal optimization and statistics. However, we reserve the right to share or disclose anonymous data if we should wish to.