The Home Binder is where you store all documentation related to your inventory.

Start by taking pictures of your belongings and store them with additional information on individual Certificates. This serves as proof of possession in case you ever need to file an insurance claim.

If you have the receipts for your inventory, make sure to attach these to the product Certificates. This is your proof of purchase and helps estimate the value of your items. You can upload manuals, maintenance guides, insurance policies and other important documents to your product certificates. All CleverBinders and Certificates can be shared with one or more persons. This feature enables people living together to easily document a home.

Anything one person uploads to a shared Binder will instantly be displayed and available on the other person’s device. The share functionality makes it quick to share your inventory list with an insurance company, in case something unfortunate happens.

Store all relevant information about your insurance terms and rights in this Binder.

Add contact information and links to relevant insurance websites and hotline support centers in case you urgently need to get in contact.
You can attach insurance policies, warranties and invoices as pdfs to easily share the information with your insurance company directly from the app.

We suggest that you take pictures of all your valuables even though they might not be insured. Being able to proof the possession of jewelry, collectibles or heirlooms, will favor your position in case you need to file an insurance claim.

Organize your travel related documentation in one place.

Flight information, hotel bookings and travel insurance. All at hand when you need it. You can add relevant support information to your travel certificates to easily get in contact with your travel or insurance provider if your luggage is lost or the flight is cancelled.

When confirmations and reservations are emailed to you, simply forward the documents to to store them in your account. Place the documents in the Travel Binder with all other documentation to ensure a hassle-free experience if something unfortunate happens.

If you need to document travel expenses, open CleverBinder, snap a photo of any receipts or slips and store them. Now it's a breeze to share the Binder with accounting.

Your Travel Binder can also contain personal documentation to identify yourself, in case your luggage is lost. With CleverBinder all your travel documents are easily accessible - even in offline mode.

This Binder is great for keeping track of all documents related to your car. Add phone numbers to your local garage, motor vehicle service or highway support center. All car insurance papers can be stored here with relevant information and links attached to it. You can forward e-documents from your email directly to CleverBinder. Including monthly invoices, car manuals and bills. We suggest you add notes including driver license number and car registration number to a Certificate to always keep this pertinent information with you.

The wish list is the Binder that works well with birthdays, anniversaries and all other occasions where you want to be spoiled by friends and family. You can create a certificate for each wish you have and just add the important information to it like links to web shops, preferences in color, size or model. Upload pictures to make sure you get just the thing you want. CleverBinder updates simultaneously across shared accounts, so you can always add or remove items to update certificates on your wish list. Now, all you have to do is share the Binder and wait for the big day to come.

In this Binder you can store credit cards and loyalty cards. For credit cards you can add bank phone numbers and email information to get in touch with the bank directly from the app.

Often times credit card providers apply benefits to their users. We suggest, that you add links to any benefit guides containing detailed information about the services, you have as a preferred cardholder.

We recommend that you passcode protect your CleverBinder to keep your data private.

The Personal Binder is where you store the kind of information that is hard to remember but too important not to. Think; your SIM card number, eyeglass prescription details, your kids' shoe sizes - All the minor, but pertinent things. 
And why not add important contact information as well? Think the phone number for your kid's dentist, school contacts or the doctor’s office. Sure, those numbers are in your contact book, but in CleverBinder they are organized according to the person related to the information.

Take a photo of your receipts and associated products and store them in this Binder. This will do for proof of possession and it’s valid in case of claims.
We suggest you add relevant contact information to the Certificates to get quick access to customer service and repairs.
Digitizing your receipts in CleverBinder will make it easy to keep your purchase records organized. And remember, digital receipts last longer than ink on paper.

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