CleverBinder for ioS

designed to make life easier




For all that matters to you, there is a CleverBinder Certificate. You can upload as many as you want. From a digital copy of the receipt to a fully actionable product Certificate, CleverBinder can handle it. Click the +button on the main screen to create a new Certificate.
Snap a photo // Add information // Save

The more information you add to it, the more clever it gets.



When you share a Binder, you give more people an editable copy of that Binder and all the Certificates contained in it. If you choose to transfer a Binder, once accepted by the receiver, you pass on the ownership of that particular Binder, and it’s removed from your app. The same logic applies to Certificates.

To send an entire Binder, go to the main screen:
Tab the three-dot menu //  Choose to share or transfer it // Enter email // Done



Navigate to a Certificate in order to send it. The Share icon in the upper right corner will activate a menu. Now choose:
Share, transfer or send it as PDF // Enter email // Done



You can add relevant contact information to your Certificates. Add service phone numbers, emails or links to always have them at hand. Now service is just a click away.

To access service contacts:

Open Certificate // Click phone, email or link icon // Select a contact




It's easy to change the order of your Binders on the main screen.
Press and hold a Binder // Drag it to a new position // Let go



You can set a cover image for all Certificates and Binders.
Start by adding your favorite photo to the Certificate.

In the banner image menu, set it as Binder cover, Certificate cover or both.




You can email digital documents directly to your CleverBinder account. Simply forward the document to inbox@cleverbinder.com. Make sure to send it from one of the emails you have associated with your CleverBinder account. The app will automatically place the documents in your app inbox.


You can attach PDF-files directly to existing or new Certificates. This feature comes in handy if you want to attach a user guide to a product Certificate or maybe need to attach a policy to your insurance Certificate.

Find the online pdf you want to attach.
Click 'Open-in' and select CleverBinder // Add the pdf to an existing or new Certificate // Find the Certificate you want to attach the pdf to // 'Add'

The pdf is now attached to your Certificate. Tap the thumb image to open the pdf directly in the app.


scan product barcodes

A quick way to upload a new product is to scan its barcode or the barcode on the box. The app recognizes more than 100.000.000 products and will display product images and the barcode on the Certificate.

Attach a photo of the receipt to the Certificate for proof of purchase and you are good to go.

Click the plus icon // Choose Scan Product Barcode // Scan and save




You can further protect your CleverBinders by pin code protecting your account. We support finger touch, so it's super fast to access your account.

Go to Settings // Pin code  // Set a pin // Done