The CleverBinder Services.

“Stop thinking about technology as a way to improve your company and start investigating how technology can be used to give consumers what they really want”.

Consumers today are not willing to download an app for each company or service provider they interact with. The app engagement rate is fairly low on C2B, which makes it imperative to meet the consumer in a mobile space that embraces a multitude of brands. There is a high probability that your customers check their Instagram profiles on their Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Read the news on their iPad and drive to work in their Volvo. When they get home, they grab a beverage from their Bosch refrigerator and sit in their favorite Vitra-chair. When the glass is empty, it ends up in the Siemens dishwasher.
This is only a fraction of the number of differently branded products consumers surround themselves with. Life is too busy to navigate between mono-branded mobile apps. Consumers want a single organizational hub to keep track of their eclectic mix of products and services, regardless of provenance. They want CleverBinder.

The CleverBinder Services are designed for both mobile and web integration and as Software as a Service (SaaS). Our mobile app solution can be offered as a stand-alone solution for free.

Customized to you and your customers.
The CleverBinder Services can be tailored to meet your specific demands and business requirements. We focus entirely on optimizing your service capabilities towards your customers, based on a needs analysis.


Price is no longer the determining factor.
Service is. And well-executed service should be a timesaver. To the modern consumer, time is a valuable resource and this becomes defining when deciding where to put the money. CleverBinder ensures a smooth customer experience from the time of purchase to an eventual return or claims situation.

CleverBinder ensures a simplified and efficient customer service flow for you and your customers. The CleverConnect-module generates unique product certificates based on individual transactions. The CleverBinder Certificate contains all the information needed in order to initiate a support process:

  • Customer service contact information
  • Product data and documentation
  • Links to claims forms


From the POS to CleverBinder.
We have developed a unique system that automatically generates or detects a CleverBinder account based on the customer’s email information. The solution requires an integration with the Point of Sale system and it is available for both online and physical stores.

Not just a digital copy of the receipt.
The CleverBinder solution splits transactions and generates unique certificates for each individual product. All pertinent product information is available on each certificate:

  • Product name
  • Serial number
  • Price
  • Purchase date
  • Store name
  • Warranty information
  • Customer support email and phone number
  • Copy of the receipt
  • Copy of insurance documents
  • Links to related products
  • Links to related services

The number you have dialed does not exist.
The CleverBinder Certificates are dynamic and thus can be updated as per required. This means, that your customers will always have the most up-to-date contact information and be sure to reach the correct service department. Dynamic certificates also allow you to add or update services if needed. Any change will instantly reflect on your customer's certificates.


Import historical data.
The CleverBinder software allows for import of historical data. Our engine handles dated sales feeds and can generate certificates based on previous customer interactions. This gives you the option to offer all customers a better service. No matter the time of engagement with your company.   


Product recalls.
It can be a hassle to get in touch with the actual owner of a product in case of recalls. CleverBinder is an efficient and fast way to reach out to current product owners, regardless of how many times the product has changed hands.


Product registration.
The number of product registrations is declining on a global scale. This is due to the fact that consumers are not well informed about the applied benefits of registering their products. Another showstopper is the lack of a transparent benefit program and how to fully take advantage of such when it becomes relevant.  Contact forms are oftentimes hidden on company sub-sites. CleverBinder makes it easy to register products directly in the app. Based on customer profile cards, our service bypasses repetitive information forms and introduces convenience to product registration. Our registration module is offered via the CleverBinder mobile app and as a SaaS solution.