Staying organized has never been this easy.
We all know what it’s like to have dozens of product related documents stored in a messy junk drawer, and only few of us are well organized in the tracking and record-keeping of these critical documents. The absence of receipts, warranty certificates and proofs-of-purchase can be a costly inconvenience when product issues arise. CleverBinder solves this problem.

We take care of your proof of purchase record.
CleverBinder is an app based service for product related documentation and management. The free app helps you digitize paper-based documentation and organize it in customized Binders. Snap a photo of your receipt, name it and place it in a Binder. It's that simple. From a digital receipt to a fully actionable product certificate - we can handle it.

With the CleverBinder app you can easily store an unlimited number of receipts, warranty certificates, insurance policies or proofs-of-purchase on your mobile device. Add pertinent information to your documents to clever them up. Make sure to never loose touch with your purchases again. Here is your new organizing tool.

CleverBinder is a winner. This concept is a killer!
— Dave Frame, Senior Vice President, Consensus

GETTING STARTED // This is an introductory video to show you how to get started using CleverBinder and how to use the app. Enjoy.


INSURANCE // CleverBinder makes it quick to document all that’s important to you. With our app you can make multiple inventory lists and share them easily in case you ever need to file an insurance claim. Simply snap a photo of your belongings and pair it with the proof of purchase. Add any relevant information to the document. Store it in the Insurance Binder and you're done.


YOUR RECEIPTS AT HAND // When Henry's TV breaks, he realizes he didn't keep any of his receipts. Had he only been more clever, he would have stored all his proofs of purchase in the free CleverBinder app. With CleverBinder it's easy to contact customer service in case an accident happens and you need support.


MANAGE YOUR TRAVEL EXPENSES // With CleverBinder you can gather all your business related spendings, and send them directly to your accountant. Snap a picture of your receipts, save them in your Travel Binder, share the Binder with accounting. Done. We give you one less thing to worry about when you’re on your way.